Jul 12, 2014

Mozambique MiG-21s and L-39 upgraded in Romania

The Mozambique Air Force will shortly receive back into service all eight MiG-21 and one Aero L-39 Albatros jet trainer that have been undergoing refurbishment work in Romania.
Romanian aerospace company Aerostar recently completed the restoration project on six single-seat and two twin-seat MiG-21s, as well as on the twin-seat L-39ZO.
The programme lasted 12 months, with each aircraft taking approximately 120 days to go through the process to zero-time the airframes and fit some new equipment. According to Aerostar, as well as having their airframes refurbished, the MiGs were fitted with a GPS navigation system and a digital in-flight data recorder.
Six MiG-21s are now back in Mozambique with the final two aircraft being shipped from Romania imminently. Aerostar did not disclose when the L-39 might be returned. As well as overhauling the aircraft, the company is also providing air and ground training.
The FAM reportedly received 48 MiG-21bis fighters in 1982, but none have flown for more than a decade.

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