Jul 29, 2014

NATO considers another base location closer to eastern Europe

A military base in Poland could soon be repurposed to support NATO in its mission to reassure eastern European allies of its oversight amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict told
NATO’s top commander in Europe, in a briefing in Naples this week.
The move for a fully functioning headquarters due east would be intended to assure Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia of NATO commitment in light of recent events occurring in eastern Ukraine.
The border along Russia and Ukraine, along with the eastern region of Ukraine, have been plagued with fighting between the Ukrainian military and separatist insurgents for months, with the most recent crisis resulting in two downed Su-25 Ukrainian military aircraft on July 23. Six days earlier, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 on board.
The U.S. has pledged billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine since April, and has participated in various exercises in eastern European regions to assure NATO allies of its commitment.

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