Jul 13, 2014

Russia successfully test-launches long-range interceptor missile for defense system S-500

Russia has successfully test-launched a long-range interceptor missile which will be brought into service of a promising air defense missile system S-500.
Test-launches were made in late June. All goals and tasks set within this event were fulfilled completely.
Air defense system-producing concern Almaz-Antey was developing an air defense missile system of new generation S-500 fully in line with the deadlines set in the state-funded armament program until 2020.
According to open sources, S-500 will be able to detect and hit simultaneously up to ten ballistic targets flying with a speed of up to seven kilometres per second and warheads of hypersound cruise missiles. Air defense missile system S-500 combat capabilities are planned to surpass air defense missile system S-400 Triumf currently in combat service and its US rival - a defense missile system RAS-3, the latest model of air defense missile system Patriot.

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