Sep 4, 2014

Russia receives new Mi-8AMTSh 'Hip' helicopters

The first consignment of a recent order of 40 Mil Mi-8AMTSh 'Hip' helicopters has been delivered to the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD).
The handover of the four Mi-8AMTSh platforms marks the start of the delivery phase of a contract that was signed in August 2013. The 40 new helicopters will add to the 30 already known to be fielded by Russia (the status of an additional order for 30 helicopters is not clear).
Specific improvements include the fitting of the more powerful and reliable Klimov VK-2500 engines and an upgraded and strengthened transmission, a new TA-14 auxiliary powerplant, additional fuel tanks, ballistic protection for the crew and systems, a night-vision goggle compatible cockpit, modern navigation equipment, the option for a nose-mounted thimble radome, and chin-mounted electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) turret.
As well as enhanced systems, the Mi-8AMTSh can also accommodate new weapons systems on 'wing' pylons, such as 9M343/9M39 Igla 'Grouse' air-to-air missiles, 9M114/9M114M Shturm-V 'Spiral' air-to-surface missiles, 23 mm gun pods, and B8V20A rocket pods equipped with S-8 80 mm unguided rockets.
Designated Mi-171Sh internationally, the Mi-8AMTSh has also been sold to Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, and Peru.

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