Feb 9, 2015

Airbus completes EC135 deliveries to Spain

The last of eight Airbus EC135 helicopters ordered for the Spanish Army's air-mobile force (FAMET) in December 2013 was handed over on 5 February at the company's Albacete factory.
The long-delayed deal was eventually reformulated to include a logistics support package for the aircraft - the first helicopter of its kind to be supplied for military use.
The same model is already widely used by Spain's paramilitary and national police forces as well as regional medical services, with more than 60 being operated in total.
All the military versions are being used by FAMET for training, including tactical missions and night flying, before the pilots move on to the Airbus AS532 Cougar, Airbus Tigre (Tiger) attack helicopter, and NHIndustries NH90.

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