Feb 26, 2015

J-10B Will Be Soon Inducted to China's Air Force

China's air force will soon commission the J-10B fighter jet, the most advanced military aircraft the country has ever developed on its own.
Several pictures showing 14 of the planes lined up outside an unidentified aircraft factory have been circulating on military websites. Experts said their gray paint scheme indicates that they will soon be delivered to the People's Liberation Army air force.
It is also possible and feasible that the J-10B's upgraded version will be chosen by the navy to serve on an aircraft carrier.
The J-10B is an improved variant of the J-10A, which is manufactured by the Chengdu, a subsidiary of the State-owned giant Aviation Industry Corp of China.
Western military sources said the jet had its first flight in December 2008, and mass production started in 2013.
The new fighter has an increase of at least 30 percent in overall capability compared with its predecessor.
The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 19 metric tons and can carry a payload of up to 8 tons. Its combat radius can reach to about 1,000 kilometers.

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