Feb 2, 2015

Russian TU-95 intercepted by RAF Typhoons was carrying a nuclear missile designed to destroy Trident submarines

Tensions between Russia and the UK have heightened after it was revealed that the Russian bomber intercepted by RAF fighter jets was carrying a nuclear missile designed to destroy Trident submarines.
The TU-95 aircraft were spotted on long range radar flying down from Scotland towards the English Channel, where they were close to entering British airspace.
The ‘seek and find’ nuclear warhead missile which can destroy the British Vanguard submarines which form the country’s nuclear deterrent.
The Prime Minister and Defence Secretary were informed of the development after a Norwegian listening post intercepted conversations from the Russian bomber’s cockpit which confirmed the bomber’s nuclear payload.
The missile was not armed, but it is shows the Russians taking the next provocative step in their increasingly chilly relations with the West.
The Russian Ambassador to the UK was summoned by the Foreign Office to account for the incident on Friday, which many say was deliberately planned to coincide with the Alexander Litvinenko inquiry where the two murder suspects are Russians, protected by the Kremlin from extradition to face trial.

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