Dec 5, 2013

A400M refuelled in flight for first time

An Airbus Military A400M has received fuel in-flight for the first time, with one of the programme's three development aircraft having achieved the milestone behind a French air force Dassault-Breguet C160 Transall no having problems for the aircraft
This follows an extensive rewriting process, which was initiated following early trials performed behind a Vickers VC10 tanker in 2010.
The process will follow with making contacts behind an RAF A330 Voyager tanker/transport from February 2014 at higher altitudes and faster speeds. Work to also prove the A400M's ability to pass fuel to fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters using under-wing hose and drogue refuelling pods will also be conducted in 2014.
Meanwhile, Airbus Military says it will deliver its third production A400M "before Christmas". Turkish air force aircraft MSN9 is awaiting handover at the airframer's San Pablo final assembly site in Seville.

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