Dec 5, 2013

Brunei Accepts Four Sikorsky S-70i™ BLACK HAWK Helicopters for Regional Security Missions

Brunei International Defence Exhibition has accepted two Sikorsky S-70i™ BLACK HAWK helicopters into the Royal Brunei Air Force following an unveiling attended by His Majesty the Sultan. Two more Sikorsky S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopters are currently undergoing the process of acceptance at the Royal Brunei Air Force. Equipped with a suite of advanced avionics and sensors, the multirole aircraft can perform a variety of missions over land and water, including search and rescue, humanitarian relief, anti-piracy, troop transport and medical evacuation.
Brunei ordered 12 S-70i BLACK HAWK aircraft, all of which are set to arrive by the end of 2014.
The first batch of four aircraft arrived November 27 via Antonov transport plane from Sikorsky’s BLACK HAWK completion center in West Palm Beach, Florida, two months ahead of schedule.

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  1. Royal Brunei Air Force has added gem into their fleet. These two heli's are delivered according to the contract Sikorsky Aircraft signed with the Brunei Ministry of Defence in December 2011, it also includes the supply of spare parts, training and ground support equipment, plus an option for ten additional helicopters.

    I read in this article that S-70i Black Hawk helicopter which is developed for International defence market can be configured according to customer specific missions, including troop transport and air assault, command and control, border patrol, search and rescue, cargo lift and VIP transport.