Jan 23, 2015

BrahMos Testfire in March

The test of the air version of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos will be conducted in March this year.
On the visit of Russian Defence Minister to the BrahMos Aerospace Headquarters, CEO and Managing Director of BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited said the missile’s first test launch is expected in March If everything goes according to the plan, and will definitely be carried out from the Su-30MKI. Both the launcher and the missile are ready.
If test-fired successfully, BrahMos will be the first weapon system in the world to have such capability. As of now, there is no such weapon available in the world.
Jointly developed by India and Russia, the 8.4-metre BrahMos missile, the fastest in the world, has a flight range of 290 km and carries a conventional warhead up to 300 kg, thus delivering with high-precision, devastating power at supersonic speed of Mach 2.8.
BrahMos Aerospace has had to reduce the weight of the air version of the missile as it is to be launched from a moving platform unlike its land and navy versions.

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