Jan 7, 2015

Brazil to Upgrade 4 Grumman C-1s for Carrier

The Brazilian Navy is proceeding with a project to refurbish four Grumman C-1A Trader carrier-onboard delivery (COD) aircraft, despite initial problems in returning the 50-year-old aircraft to service. Elbit Systems recently announced that M7 Aerospace, its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary based in San Antonio, Texas, would perform the upgrade, which includes the addition of air tanking capability. The Brazilian Navy will use the aircraft to resupply its aircraft carrier, the NAe São Paulo, and for in-flight refueling of its forthcoming fleet of refurbished A-4 Skyhawk combat aircraft.
Meanwhile, the first of the 12 A-4s that are being modernized for the Brazilian Navy is due for delivery next month. The airframes were selected from the former Kuwait air force A-4K fleet of 23 that Brazil acquired.
Brazil plans to keep its current aircraft carrier in service for another 15 to 20 years. The A-4s could eventually be replaced by the Sea Gripen version of the Swedish fighter that has been proposed by Saab. The Brazilian air force will acquire an initial 36 Gripens in a major contract that was finalized last October.

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