Jan 21, 2015

More A400M Delivery Delays Expected In 2015

Supplier woes are forcing to revise delivery plans for the A400M tactical transport aircraft this year.
Airbus is taking a look at the entire plane and will announce a new schedule at the end of February.
A total of 10 from 170 A400Ms have been handed over to four of seven partner nations in the past two years.
Some A400Ms will be handed over this year with the current standard,(SOC-1), which allows for airdrops of troops and support equipment, while others will feature an upgrade to SOC 1.5, which will add full aerial delivery and some basic tactical capabilities such as initial aerial refueling.
Airbus expects to deliver some aircraft to France this year, though possibly not as many as Paris expects.
Since late 2013 Airbus has delivered six A400Ms to France in a baseline configuration.
Turkey received two A400Ms last year and expects two more to be delivered this year.
Britain last year received the first of 22 A400Ms on order through 2019, while Germany’s first A400M was handed over earlier this month, after the nation’s defense ministry complained that the aircraft was not up to specification. Berlin has ordered 53 of the aircraft and expects five more to be handed over this year.

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