Jan 30, 2015

Russia says patrols near UK airspace were 'routine'

Russia has dismissed claims its planes caused "disruption to civil aviation" in the UK this week, saying its actions were not "threatening" or "disruptive".
The UK Foreign Office said the Russian planes, which came near UK airspace on Wednesday before being "escorted" by RAF jets, were "part of an increasing pattern of out-of-area operations".
Russia's ambassador to the UK said the concerns were "not understandable".
He insisted the patrols were "routine" and met "international legal norms".
Typhoon fighters were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Coningsby to escort the Russian aircraft, and the RAF said the mission lasted 12 hours.
Russian military pilots are becoming more and more aggressive, flying at escorting RAF aircraft and keeping radio and transponder silence.
The Foreign Office refused to give details of the disruption to civil aviation.
BBC defence correspondent said the Russian planes - two Tu-95 Bear H bombers - came within 25 miles of the UK.
The bombers did not file a flight plan, did not have their transponders switched on and "weren't talking to air traffic control".

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