Jan 10, 2015

Philippines to buy two C-130 transport planes from US Navy

The Philippine military yesterday signed a pact with the US Navy to buy two secondhand C-130 transport planes to boost its capability to fan out quickly for territorial defence and humanitarian operations.
Washington has been helping develop the military capability of its former colony in the face of serious security challenges in the South China Sea, as China steps up its presence in disputed areas.
China claims almost all of the sea, believed to be rich in mineral and oil-and-gas deposits.
Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines also have claims on the waters.
The transport planes, to be delivered early next year, will take to five the number of mission-ready C-130s.

1 comment:

  1. All USN C-130s are tanker capable. If the plumbing is left intact than the Philippine Air Force can install air refueling equipment in the new FA-50s extending their on station time significantly in the South China Sea. I hope this is the Philippines plan. If its not, they are really missing a huge opportunity.