Jan 7, 2015

Mitsubishi delays delivery of fighter ATD-X stealth prototype to JASDF

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. is unlikely to meet the March deadline for delivery of the first test version of a Japan-made stealth fighter to the Defense Ministry, government sources said Tuesday.
The delay was caused by the need to verify a way to restart the aircraft engine if it shut down during flight. As a result, the maiden flight will be postponed and the development cost, is likely to increase.
The ministry and Mitsubishi Heavy will hold talks in the near future to set a new delivery deadline, the sources said.
Mitsubishi Heavy declined comment, with an official saying the company is not in a position to disclose development progress.
According to the ministry, development of a full-scale test model began in fiscal 2009 with the participation of several domestic firms in the defense industry.
Assembly of the test model has been completed and it is currently undergoing examinations at a Mitsubishi Heavy plant.

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