Jan 12, 2015

Three Greek frigates upgraded to carry S-70B

The Hellenic Navy has certified three of its nine Elli (Kortenaer)-class frigates for accepting the Sikorsky S-70B Aegean Hawk helicopter.
Work had been conducted at the Salamis Naval Base's Technical Directorate to strengthen the landing pads on HS Navarinon , HS Themistocles , and HS Nikiforos Fokas in order to handle a crash landing of the 10-tonne helicopter. The three frigates will be able to refuel the S-70B helicopters, but not able to house them in a hangar, as this would require extensive reworking of the superstructure.
Previously, the Greek Navy's S-70Bs were typically accommodated on board its four MEKO-200 HN-class frigates, and occasionally on board the large replenishment vessel HS Prometheus or the five Jason-class landing ships.
The Hellenic Navy's Helicopter Command has eight S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk and three S-70B Aegean Hawks in service, as well as eight Agusta Bell AB-212s.

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