Mar 26, 2010

Dinamarca aplaza compra de nuevo caza/Denmark postpone Purchase of New Fighter

El ministerio de defensa danés estudia la posibilidad de seguir operando la flota de F-16, reduciendo el número de aviones operativos de 48 a 30. Estudios han revelado que los F-16 pueden volar cuatro años mas de lo previsto

As part of the basis for a decision concerning the purchase of new fighter aircraft, Defence in particular analyzed the possibility to continue to fly the current F-16 aircraft.
The analysis should include the reduction in the number of operational combat aircraft from 48 to 30, which is a part of the 2010-2014 defence agreement.
Defence has now well advanced this analysis, and the preliminary results are available. The preliminary results show that the F-16 aircraft can be operated for two to four years longer than originally planned.Given that background, the government has decided that it would be prudent to defer the purchase of new fighter aircraft. The decision process on the choice of the new fighter aircraft will be continued in the defence period 2010-2014. This decision has no influence on Denmark's participation as a partner in the Joint Strike Fighter program, which continues unchanged.

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