Oct 22, 2017

Spanish Navy receives SH-60Fs

THE FIRST two ex-US Navy Sikorsky SH-60Fs purchased by the Spanish government at a cost of €40m in December arrived at Base Naval de Rota on August 10. The Seahawks were brought to Spain on board the frigate Cristóbal Colón (F-105). The two helicopters – HS.23-14/‘01-1014’ and HS.23-15/‘01- 1015’ – are part of the Helicóptero de Transporte
Táctico Naval (HTTN, Naval Tactical Transport Helicopter) programme that plans to replace the ageing fleet of SH-3 Sea Kings flown by 5a Escuadrilla.
A total of six refurbished SH-60Fs will be acquired. Initially, the new helicopters will be assigned to 10a Escuadrilla of the Flotilla de Aeronaves de la Armada (Spanish Naval Aviation), which already operates a fleet of 12 SH-60B Seahawk Block I Core B LAMPS III aircraft. The ‘Foxtrots’ will be reassigned to 5a Escuadrilla once the final Sea Kings are retired.
Roberto Yáñez

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