Mar 23, 2015

Six F-35Bs to embark on board USS Wasp for shipboard operational test

The first shipboard operational test period for the Marine Corps' F-35B is scheduled to take place May 18-30 aboard the amphibious assault ship Wasp. Six of the jets will participate.
The aims of the at-sea tests include:
Assess day and night take-offs and landings, weapons loads, and extended range operations.
Assess aircraft-to-ship network communications.
Evaluate the landing signal officer's launch and recovery software.
Test the crew's ability to conduct scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
Determine the suitability of maintenance support equipment for shipboard operations.
Assess the logistics footprint of a deployed, six-plane F-35B detachment.
The Wasp is the test ship for the F-35B and has not made a major deployment in over a decade.
Initial operating capability for the F-35B is scheduled for July.

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