Mar 26, 2015

Airbus launches A400M media campaign in New Zealand

Airbus has launched a campaign to make New Zealanders aware of what it has to offer the Royal NZ Air Force to replace its ageing Hercules.
Airbus is taking out a series of adverts in press for its A400M plane it hopes to pitch when tenders are sought. Adverts highlight the plane's capabilities ahead of what is shaping up as an intense, high-stakes battle between manufacturers when the RNZAF seeks tenders to replace five Hercules, now more than 50 years old. The two air force Boeing 757s are also due for replacement early next decade.
New Zealand politicians have already flown on a jet-engine powered Boeing C-17 Globemaster used in Australia, seen by some analysts as having the inside running to replace the Hercules. Airbus says its advertising campaign is aimed at letting the public know there are alternatives.

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