Mar 11, 2015

Czech Republic sell 15 of their L-159s to Iraq

The Czech government today approved the sale of 15 redundant L-159 combat planes to Iraq.
The ministry struck an agreement with Aero Vodochody on the supply to the Iraqi military at the end of last August. The firm will buy the aircraft from the military, and it will then resell them to Iraq.
This procedure is required by the respective law.
Aero Vodochody will ensure that the planes are operable and that they are fitted with further equipment and ammunition.
It will ensure the training of pilots and the ground stuff.
Out of the 15 aircraft to be sold have been grounded and four are actively used by the soldiers. Iraq will acquire 10 one-seaters, two two-seaters and three will be dismantled into spare parts.
Aero Vodochody will subsequently rebuild three one-seaters from the military's reserves into three two-seaters for the armed forces.
By the end of November 2017, the military would have 24 aircraft, including 16 one-seaters and eight two-seaters.
The Czech Republic has tried to sell the redundant L-159s for many years.
Last July, the Defense Ministry and Aero Vodochody signed a contract on the basis of which Aero would sell some redundant L-159s to the U.S. company Draken International.

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