Mar 26, 2015

Japan Navy Commissions Izumo 'helicopter carrier' as largest ship in MSDF fleet

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force on March 25 officially commissioned the largest ship in its fleet.
The Izumo measures 248 meters in length, and she is described as a semi-aircraft carrier. It is 51 meters longer than the destroyer Hyuga, which was the largest ship in the MSDF fleet until now.
Jane's Fighting Ships,describes the Izumo as a helicopter carrier.
The Izumo has five landing spots on its flight deck for reconnaissance helicopters. It can carry up to nine helicopters at a time, five more than the Hyuga.
The Osprey transport aircraft that the Ground SDF will deploy in the fiscal year beginning in April can also land on the Izumo.
The Izumo joined the MSDF's Escort Flotilla 1, which is based in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Construction on the ship began in fiscal 2010.

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