May 8, 2015

Antonov begins An-178 flight trials

Antonov has begun flight trials of its new An-178 transport aircraft.
The maiden flight took place out of Kiev-Antonov Airport in Ukraine on 7 May, and lasted for approximately one hour. No specific details relating to the flight were revealed.
The An-178 is intended to replace the An-12, An-26, and An-32 airlifters. The An-178 is, in essence, an An-158 regional jet with a rear loading ramp. The two types share a number of components, including the front fuselage and cockpit, and nosewheel leg.
The aircraft has a maximum payload of 18 tonnes; and a range of 1,000 km fully loaded. Its cruise speed is 445 kt, and requires a 2,500 m runway from which to operate.

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