May 28, 2015

Mexico Could Order Up To 50 EC-725 Helicopters From France To Be Locally Asembled

Mexico could order 50 H225M (EC-725) that would be assembled locally. A signature is expected at the July 14 national holiday where Mexico is guest of honor.
If this command is confirmed, it would be a third good news for export to Airbus, after major contracts in South Korea and Poland, and perhaps before Qatar.
Initially, Airbus Helicopters were negotiating for several months with Mexico a new order of six to twelve additional H225M complement the already ordered 15 units But discussions have accelerated there two months and took a new turn. It is no longer a dozen devices that Mexico wants but fifty H225M, which would locally assembled. Just like in Brazil, Airbus Helicopters made a proposal to that effect.
The Airbus Helicopters in Mexico was inaugurated in February 2013 in Queretaro. The plant manufactures metal components for high-tech aircraft structures, and is the only production site of tail booms Ecureuil AS350 helicopters. It hosts a service center of Ecureuil family aircraft for the operators in the region.
Besides helicopters, France and Mexico are discussing a naval cooperation, which could include the sale of buildings manufactured by DCNS.

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