May 16, 2015

USAF student test pilots trial Textron’s Scorpion and AT-6, Before Fligth to Undisclosed South American Country

USAF student test pilots recently trialed Textron Scorpion jet and the Beechcraft AT-6 light attack turboprop, conducting 12 flights in the Scorpion and seven with the AT-6.
After each flight, Scorpion rapidly returned to the air, with an average aircraft turn time of 31 minutes, and a best turn time of 20 minutes. The AT-6 also turned in an excellent performance, with 100-percent aircraft availability and 100-percent mission accomplishment.
After the student’s visit, the Scorpion flew from Wichita to South America to demonstrate its capabilities to an undisclosed air force in that region.
The Scorpion will make its debut at the Paris Air Show next month. The aircraft will then go on a European tour, which includes a visit to the United Kingdom.

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