May 28, 2015

Private company procures Bell 407GT light attack helo for use in Africa, the Middle East

Bell Helicopter has sold its first 407GT light attack and armed reconnaissance platform to BBM Inc to perform a variety of security missions in the Middle East and Africa.
Bell Helicopter did not disclose how many of the armed 407GTs are to be acquired, but the private company procured 16 unarmed 407GX helicopters, on which the 407GT is based, earlier this year. According to Bell Helicopter, the helicopters will be used in undisclosed countries for missions including law enforcement and homeland security.
BBM Inc describes itself as "spearheading [a] variety of capabilities to support a wide array of mission profiles in the Middle East, Africa, and around the world"
On its website, it lists a number of capabilities that it provides, including Air Solutions; Helicopters. Besides the 407GX and 407GT platforms, BBM Inc's helicopter solutions comprise the Bell 428, Huey II, and Bell 212 platforms. The company also provides fixed-wing aircraft (including the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules), unmanned aerial vehicles, a range of armoured and soft-skinned vehicles, naval vessels (including mine sweepers and patrol boats), as well as body armour and night vision goggles.
First revealed in March 2013, the 407GT is derived from the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior in service with the US Army. It is fitted with the Garmin G1000HTM 'glass' cockpit and can be equipped with electro-optic/infrared sensors, as well as light weapons and precision-guided munitions.

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