May 5, 2015

Bulgaria may sign deal with Russian firm on repairs to two MiG-29 fighters

Having said earlier that Bulgaria would not extend a costly contract with a Russian firm to maintain the country’s ageing fleet of MiG fighter aircraft, Defence Minister said that Bulgaria could sign a deal on having two repaired.
For several years, Bulgaria has faced the issue of replacing its non-Nato-standard Russian-made jet fighters with Western military aircraft.
No government has made a decision on the jet fighter acquisition, with part of the debate being whether to buy new fighters or to acquire second-hand ones.
Bulgaria could get a donation of second-hand US jet fighters from Washington.

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  1. Other European air forces have faced the same decision and come up with different results. Poland, Germany just to mention a few. Although I would prefer that Bulgaria would just purchase F-16s or F-18s from the US FMS sales, they could have them rebuilt by other European countries. What do they want for their investment in the issue. American equipment is the way to go for a NATO member at least for the next decade, and F-16s are plentiful in Europe. Don't forget to use GE engines.