May 25, 2015

Taiwan a potential buyer of retired US A-10 Warthogs

Taiwan has been tagged as a potential buyer of refurbished A-10 Thunderbolt II jets should the ground attack aircraft be retired from the US Air Force.
Boeing's chief engineer of off-Boeing programs, said at a media event on May 20 that the A-10 that the company has begun early discussions with the USAF to sell off refurbished A-10s to international customers.
If the USAF is allowed to retire its A-10 fleet, the most likely course of action given where the re-winging contract has progressed to is for Boeing to complete the service contract so the aircraft can be sold to interested international parties.
The refurbished A-10 could include a new engine, a cockpit upgrade including a helmet-mounted cueing system, and targeting pods. These proposed enhancements are only in a concept stage and are not being touted in response to any specific customer requests, he added.
Taiwan is a possible candidate given its enthusiasm in acquiring America's retired Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates last year. Coincidentally, Taiwan currently lacks a superior performance attack aircraft.
Other countries listed as potential interested parties include South Korea and Iraq.

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