May 15, 2015

India’s Plan To Buy 6 A330 MRTT Refueler Aircraft On Course

India’s plan to procure midair refueling aircraft is progressing well, the country’s defense minister says, marking a major step to increase the operational reach of the Indian air force.
India selected Airbus Military in 2013 to supply six A330 air refueling tankers.
The A330 works as a transport aircraft as well as a midair refueler, carrying about 110 tons of fuel and cargo of up to 45 tons. The A330 is capable of refueling several fighter aircraft simultaneously.
The IAF has been operating midair refuelers for about a decade. But in 2012, it decided all its combat aircraft and helicopters needed to have a midair refueling capability.
According to the IAF’s latest policy, only aircraft with this capability will be considered for future acquisition deals.
The IAF already has a fleet of Russian IL-78MK aerial tankers, but it plans to acquire more to cater to its increasing fleet of combat aircraft.

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