May 25, 2015

China will have to purchase Su-35 fighters To Fill The Gaps In Its Air Force

China needs Russian Su-35 fighters, despite the fact that Beijing has carried out flight testing of it own latest fighter J-11D.
J-11D was derived from J-11B, which is analogue of Su-27 manufactured in China. Probably the most outstanding feature of J-11D is the fact that it is fitted with avionics installed on the more advanced J-16 fighter. The jet is fitted with radar with an active electronically scanned array (AESA).
China needs Su-35 in order to fill the gap in the fleet of its air forces. Even if China increases output to two J-11 jets per month it won’t be enough to reduce the gap between Chinese air forces and air forces of other countries. In addition, it is unclear, when J-11 will be able to compete with other fifth-generation fighters.
Su-35 is the “4++”-generation fighter derived from Su-27.

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