May 16, 2015

Royal New Zealand Air Force To Retire UH-1H Iruquois next July

The Royal New Zealand Air Force’s fleet of Iroquois helicopters has provided almost 50 years of service to New Zealand and has been a stalwart of Defence Force operations since its purchase. The Iroquois is scheduled to cease flying operations with the Air Force on 01 July 2015. Ahead of this withdrawal from service, No.3 Squadron from Ohakea who fly the Iroquois are making various stops around New Zealand in May.
The Iroquois is being replaced by the NH90 helicopter.
The RNZAF UH-1H Iroquois were first brought into service in 1966, two of the aircraft have been donated to the air force Museum, while an airframe will be donated to the Waiouru Army Museum for public display. Another airframe will be loaned to the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology for training technicians. Ten airframes would be sold by tender for commercial use after they had cleared US State Department approvals as ex-US military technology.

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