May 14, 2015

White House Says F-35s Not For Sale to Gulf Arab States

President Obama’s Camp David summit with the Gulf Arab states on Thursday will seek to boost arms sales to the Gulf neighbors but the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been taken off their wish list.
White House officials on Monday sought to tamp down speculation that King Salman of Saudi Arabia canceled his attendance at Camp David when the U.S. made clear that his country would not be permitted to buy F-35s.
Saudi Foreign Minsiter also denied that the F-35 or U.S. policy on Iran were factors in King Salman’s absence.
The F-35 might not be on the table, “but keep in mind under this administration we moved forward on a package for the Saudis that will provide them the most advanced F-15 aircraft in the region”.
“The Emiratis fly the most advanced F-16s in the world. They’re more advanced than the ones our Air Force flies.

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