Jan 20, 2014

Airbus Helicopters to Supply Six Super Puma AS332 C1e Helicopters to Bolivia

The Bolivian Air Force has selected the latest high-power version of the Super Puma to fight drug trafficking and perform public-security and disaster-relief missions. The contract includes a logistics package that will support fleet sustainability in the coming years. The first two helicopters will be delivered this year and the remaining four before 2016.
The contract also includes a logistical support package that aims to provide the FAB with the resources and know-how it needs to ensure high fleet availability.
The Super Puma was chosen mainly because of its versatility, safety and, above all else, its ability to operate at high altitude.
The relationship between Airbus Helicopters and the Bolivian Air Force began several decades ago with the Lama and the Alouette. The FAB now operates the Ecureuil AS350 B3 and, as of last year, two EC145s, which are used to transport dignitaries and conduct missions in support of the population. With this latest purchase, the FAB will benefit from a technology transfer program that includes the training of more than 80 technicians and pilots in France and Bolivia. It will also be supplied with special tools for setting up a maintenance center, where intermediate inspections (every 500 hours) will be carried out, and two operational bases for smaller inspections (every 100 hours), the objective being for the FAB to acquire strategic autonomy.

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