Jan 21, 2014

Morocco to acquire surplus French Harfangs UAV

The Royal Moroccan Air Force is evaluating the purchase of additional Israel Aerospace Industries Heron 1/Harfang unmanned air systems via France.
A version of the medium-altitude, long-endurance Heron adapted for the French air force, the Harfang is used to perform strategic reconnaissance and tracking missions.
According to foreign sources a Moroccan purchase of three Harfang UAS has been made, with Israeli approval, and additional aircraft could follow. The ties between Morocco and Israel are good, despite the fact that diplomatic relations between the nations were cut in 2000.
It is not clear what payloads will be carried by the UAS Morocco has purchased, but these are likely to be Israeli-produced.
The French air force recently fielded its first two of a planned 12 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Reaper UAVs, with the aircraft now supporting its military intervention in Mali.

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