Jan 27, 2014

Singapore Selects Airbus A330 MRTT

Singapore has signed a contract for the purchase of six A330 MRTT tanker.
Asked Airbus Defence & Space did not wish to comment on the information.
Singapore had expressed several years there is a need to replace its four KC-135R Stratotanker current. Facing the MRTT, the Israeli IAI proposed including its Boeing 767 MMTT solution which was notably used by Brazil against the A330 MRTT because of its lower price. American side, the offer was originally on the KC-135R "renovated", although it is possible that Boeing has also highlighted its new KC-46A, with deliveries to the U.S. Air Force should not begin before 2017.
Extremely secretive about its arms purchases, Singapore has never communicated on the progress of the acquisition process. The new supply will be mainly utilized to supply fuel to the few hundred combat aircraft available to the local Air Force (F-15SG and F-16C / D Block 52), in particular to deploy abroad during international exercises. Close partnerships between Australia and Singapore in the field of training could help tip the balance in favor of MRTT Airbus already delivered to the Royal Australin Air Force.
After the UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, the A330 MRTT could hang India to his list of conquests. New Delhi is indeed entered for more than a year in exclusive talks with Airbus for the purchase of a batch of six A330 MRTT for renovating its fleet of tanker planes. Opportunities also exist in South Korea.
In France, the MRTT folder advance, with notification of contract expected by the end of August for the acquisition of the first devices that will come to replace the C-135 Air Force. A new technical and financial proposal should be submitted Airbus these days the DGA and the Air Force and will be the subject of tough negotiations in the coming months.

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