Jan 3, 2014

Syrian defense systems put Turkish F-16 jets under radar lock

Syrian air missile batteries put two Turkish F-16 jets conducting a sortie in the southern province of Hatay along the border under a radar lock.
The Turkish jets were deployed to the border area after a Syrian SU-24 approached Turkish airspace. The Syrian SU-24 changed its route to the opposite direction at five nautical miles from Turkish airspace.
Syrian air defense systems put Turkish jets under radar lock during previous incidents in November 2013.
A radar lock is considered a hostile act as it amounts to interfering with a plane’s navigational systems by indicating that a missile is ready to be fired at it.
A Turkish F-4 jet that was flying over the Mediterranean Sea was downed by Syria on June 22.
More recently, Turkey shot down a Syrian helicopter on Sept. 16 after arguing that it had violated Turkish airspace by two kilometers.

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