Mar 21, 2014

AH-64E looking increasingly likely for UK

The UK looks increasingly likely to procure the Boeing AH-64E.
The government is currently considering options to sustain the British Army's Apache fleet until its planned out of service date in 2040.
The 66 WAH-64D Block I helicopters in the UK inventory are rapidly becoming unsupportable, as the US Army and Boeing shift their attention to the AH-64D Block II and AH-64E fleets as operated by the US and most international customers.
Given the success of the Apache in Afghanistan and Libya, the British Army has made clear its desire to upgrade its current WAH-64D Block I helicopters with the latest variant AH-64E. The deputy commander of the tri-service Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), said that the army "rather hopes" that the AH-64E will be the chosen successor, for fielding before 2020.
The MoD is currently undertaking a capability sustainment programme to sustain the UK's attack helicopter capability out to 2040 and beyond.

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