Mar 24, 2014

Czechs offer Gripens to protect airspace near Ukraine

The Czech Republic is prepared to provide Gripen fighters, to protect the airspace of the countries bordering on or near Ukraine if it is asked for help.
The participation of the Czech Republic in any massive NATO manoeuvres in reaction to Russian military activities in Ukraine is not being prepared.
If the Czech Republic is asked, it can send event its supersonic Gripen fighters to protect the airspace of its partner countries.
Information surfaced a few days ago saying the Czech military might participate in some larger military exercises with the United States, Poland and probably some other NATO member states.
The Czech Defence Ministry´s representatives are negotiating about a joint exercise with the United States and Poland but it is not planned in reaction to the Russian occupation of Crimea.
In the past, Czech pilots of Gripens helped protect the airspace of the three Baltic NATO member states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, repeatedly.
In the autumn, Czechs are to take part in a similar mission in the airspace of Iceland.

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