Mar 20, 2014

First Typhoon Flight With AESA Radar due later this year

A Eurofighter Typhoon combat jet is due to fly for the first time with an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar later this year.
Euroradar is confident that the demonstration will persuade all four partner countries to sign a development contract this summer. The Eurofighter program’s partners are Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain.
The signatures would end a more than three-year wait in which industry has funded development of a radar vital to the twin-engine combat jet’s hopes of winning an export competition.
Led by Italy’s Selex, Euroradar includes Airbus and Spain’s Indra, companies that worked on the mechanically scanned Captor radar used on the aircraft.
A modified Typhoon, IPA5, flown by BAE Systems, began test flights in February with a nonfunctional version of the new radar. But it had the correct cabling to check the weight, volume and connections of the sensor.

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