Mar 12, 2014

US Air Force to eliminate nearly 500 aircraft

The Air Force plans to cut nearly 500 planes from its inventory over the next five years if the Defense Department’s Fiscal 2015 budget request is approved by Congress.
The reductions would affect the active duty, Guard and Reserve in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Only 47 planes would be eliminated overseas at a time when officials are emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong forward presence to deter adversaries and respond quickly to crises.
The cuts would entail the elimination of the entire A-10 and U-2 fleets, as well as significant reductions in the number of F-15s and MQ-1s.
To maintain capability at lower cost, some assets will be moved from the active duty force to the Reserve. The size of the Reserve fleet will only decrease by 17 aircraft.
The service also plans to slash personnel. The Air Force would reduce its end strength from 503,000 airmen to 483,000.

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