Mar 24, 2014

India To Buy More Pilatus PC-7 Mk. 2s

The Indian air force has decided to urgently buy 106 PC-7 Mk. 2 Basic Trainer Aircraft from Pilatus, pulling the plug yet again on state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which is also making an aircraft for training junior pilots.
The PC-7 be acquired from the Swiss company under the “Buy & Make (Indian)” category, in accordance with India’s defense procurement policy.
India is already taking delivery of PC-7 Mk. 2 aircraft from Pilatus under a contract for 75 such aircraft signed in 2012.
Pilatus will have to form a joint venture or establish a production arrangement with an Indian company to execute the contract.
A Request for Information (RFI) calls for delivery of aircraft and equipment to begin by 2015-16, with all 106 PC-7 Mk. 2’s to be delivered by 2020-21.

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