Mar 31, 2014

Philippines Looking at Improved and Enhanced Versions of HAWK SAM

The Philippines Department of National Defense is looking at the possibility of acquiring improved and enhanced versions of the Raytheon MIM-23 HAWKsurface-to-air missiles (SAMs).
The DND stated that acquisition of this weapon aims to protect the country from air threats its shore-to-ship missile (SSM) launchers which it is planning to acquire for the Philippine Army.
The SSM project consists of 12 launchers, trailers and tracking systems and missiles that could be fired to hit naval or sea targets.
Israel, one of the operators of the HAWK missile, have upgraded the Phase 2 standard with the addition of a Super Eye electro-optical TV system for detection of aircraft at 30 to 40 kilometers and identification at 17 to 25 kilometers.
They have also modified their system for engagements at altitudes up to 24,000 meters.

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