Mar 31, 2014

Indonesian army starts training for Apache`s pilot

The Indonesian army had started the pilot training to fly the Apache AH-64E, the combat helicopters that were bought from the United States, prior to their arrival in 2017.
Indonesia had bought eight Apache helicopters of the type AH-64E from the United States as part of the program to strengthen the nations primary weapons defense system.
During the training, the United States will lend a few Apache helicopters to train the Indonesian pilots.
Half of the Apache helicopters that were bought would be placed in Natuna Islands, while the others will be stationed in Jakarta.
Indonesia also bought 114 units of Leopard Tank, 28 units of carrier helicopters, 37 units of Caesar Cannon, 13 units of MLRS Astros II Rocket and a few air defense missiles from Starstreak and Mistral.

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