Mar 9, 2015

Iran Unveils Surface to Surface Missile With 2500 KM Range; Direct Threat to US Vessels in Persian Gulf

Iran revealed on Sunday Iran’s new surface-to-surface cruise missile, the “Soumar.”
The “Soumar” has a range of 2500km, posing a serious threat to any vessels sailing in the Persian Gulf, particularly US naval forces, as well as an array of countries which are distant from Iran. Its design is based on a Soviet missile, similar to one stolen from Ukraine 12 years ago which made its way to Iran from the Chinese.
The missile can be launched from planes, or equipped with a nuclear warhead.
However, the original Ukrainian missiles on which the “Soumar” is based were not equipped with nuclear warheads, and could be launched from ships as well as submarines.
There are far-reaching implications to the revelation of the “Soumar,” particularly since Iran has never confirmed in the past that it possesses missiles with a range of above 2000km, yet now it has revealed a missile with a 2500km range that is capable of reaching a series of countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and others. Additionally, the missile’s range can be increased to 3000km with external fuel tanks.

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