Jan 8, 2014

First combat deployable F-22s arrive at Tyndall AFB

Tyndall Air Force Base received the first five-of-24 F-22 Raptors scheduled to transfer from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., Jan. 6 as part of their new combat mission.
The aircraft are now a part of the 95th Fighter Squadron, which was reactivated in October 2013.
Base officials expressed the importance of this as the next step towards the new combat mission, responsible for deploying a large number of Airmen and aircraft at any given time.
The new mission adds to Tyndall AFB’s current role as the home of F-22 pilot training. In total, more than 50 of the world's most advanced aircraft will call Tyndall home, making it the largest single-base contingent of F-22s in existence.
The transfer of the planes and people does not come without its challenges, but base leaders say they are confident the 95th FS will come out on top, thanks to the help from the Airmen and civilians at Tyndall and the local community.

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