Feb 14, 2014

Alenia Aermacchi Sets Its Sights on Thai Trainer Contest

Thailand is the next regional target for the M-346 jet trainer maker Alenia Aermacchi.
A request for proposals (RfPs) for eight to 10 jet trainers is expected to be released for Thailan next month.
The South Korean T-50 provides the main opposition in the region, having already scored a deal in Indonesia and been selected in the Philippines.
Indonesia is also looking at reviving the BAE Systems Hawk jet trainer fleet it has had in the inventory for years.
The British had a team in the country earlier this year to look at what is required to restore the Hawk to former levels of availability, according to BAE executives. BAE said there is no prospect of an upgrade to the 32 Hawks remaining in the Indonesian fleet at this time.
Gearing up for the Thai competition comes as Alenia Aermacchi heads for completion next month of deliveries to Singapore of 12 M-346s. Ten aircraft have so far been delivered. The final two aircraft will arrive by March.
Singapore deliveries end at nearly the same time as the first M-346 is delivered to Israel, which has ordered 30.
The M-346 was the de facto the winner of a Polish competition recently when the aircraft was the only platform to meet the first phase of the procurement process.
The Poles are buying eight aircraft initially but have a requirement for a further four machines.
The downside, predictably, remains the UAE deal, or lack of a deal. The M-346’s selection in 2009 has not been followed up by an order and the deal remains frozen.

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