Feb 12, 2014

France Eyes King Air, Upgrades for C-130

The French Air Force is eyeing the King Air for ISR missions, while France’s special operations forces are keen to fit mission packages to their Hercules airlifters.
The Air Force is studying the twin-engine Beechcraft King Air as part of its search for a light aircraft to deliver a “development of force”.
Meanwhile, France’s special operations forces are looking to add various capabilities to their 14 Lockheed Martin C-130s, such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), gunship and low-level air-drop.
France is studying bids to upgrade the C-130s’ avionics and cockpits.
The French Air Force is flying MQ-9 Reaper UAVs from Niger to back up special forces in northern Mali.
Today, the French Air Force flies two C-160 Gabriel aircraft for ISR missions..

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