Feb 12, 2014

Pakistan Sells Trainer Aircraft to Iraq

Pakistan signed deals to supply basic trainer aircraft to the Iraqi Air Force and help train its personnel.
The Super Mushak, a propeller-driven, two- to three-seat aircraft, is a Pakistani version of the Swedish Saab Safari/Supporter. It was built under license as the MFI-17 Mushak, and serves with Pakistan’s Air Force and Army.
It is used for primary and basic flight training; instrument, night, navigation and formation flying; liaison; and forward air control. Six under-wing hardpoints can carry a range of light rockets, bombs and gun pods.
Pakistan has exported the aircraft to Egypt, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
The Super Mushak features a more powerful 260-horsepower Textron Lycoming six-cylinder engine, electrical instrumentation, dual controls and a fuel injection system.
Twenty each are in service with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and it is a contender for Turkey’s basic trainer program.

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