Feb 14, 2014

Israel bans IAI, Elbit from selling UAVs to Poland

Israel has withdrawn the export licenses to Poland for two large Israeli defense companies - Elbit Systems Ltd. and Israel Aerospace Industries. Following the extraordinary decision, the two companies are banned from operating in Poland and selling unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) there.
The decision was taken because of a quarrel between the companies in the affair of UAV exports to the Polish Army, which resulted in the resignation of Poland's Minister of Defense two months ago. He was forced to resign for internal reasons, but the competition between Elbit Systems and IAI for the sale of UAV's to the Polish Army, which got out of control, was a contributing factor. A high point in the competition occurred when IAI questioned Minister's preference for Elbit Systems' Hermes 450 UAV. Complaints by IAI and other correspondence reached the Polish media, causing a storm that shook Poland's defense establishment.
Now, neither IAI nor Elbit Systems may sell UAVs and peripheral systems in Poland until further notice. This is happening when the Polish Army is undertaking an extensive procurement plan, which could have been good business for the Israeli companies.

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