Feb 17, 2014

Russia Delays Tests of UAE-Made Drone

The Russian military has postponed tests of a high-endurance drone until an unspecified future date.
The aircraft was debuted internationally at the MAKS air show outside Moscow last summer two months after Defense Ministersaid that the country’s drone projects were inferior to foreign offerings.
The Adcom Systems United 40 Block 5 is a long-range medium-altitude reconnaissance vehicle that can loiter above a single area for over four days, according to the company’s website.
The drone, powered by twin turboprops, features steerable cameras and radar for reconnaissance missions and is capable of carrying almost a half-ton of weapons mounted on hard points under the craft’s wings.
The United 40 would not be the first foreign drone purchase for the country. In 2009 Russia bought 12 drones from Israel Aerospace Industries.

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